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What Exactly Is The Secret Snack Box?

What does it look like? Isn’t it obvious. It’s heaven in a box!

Every month a box filled with unique & delicious heavenly sweets & treats will arrive at your home or workplace (like magic!) ready for you to discover, taste and love. What you get each month will be a total mystery until it arrives!

Don’t you worry though, we didn’t just raid the 1/2 price chocolate aisle at Coles and shove it in a box… We are snack connoisseurs ourselves and pride ourselves in absolute variety! We source awesome snacks from all around the world, and include a bunch of old-fashioned favourites too.

Some people like to snack alone, for other’s it’s fun to snack with others.

Here are a few ways our members like to snack:

  • Getting a box for the office to boost morale
  • Going halves with your roommate or a friend.
  • Sharing it with your special someone. (TV binge anyone?)
  • Just getting one for yourself!

How Does It Work?

The process is very simple.  Every month we put together an exciting box filled with unique & delicious sweets & treats from all around the world.

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Choose your preferred box (Standard or our SUPER Snack Box)
  2. Sign up online
  3. Receive your first box in the first week of the month.
  4. Open it up and enjoy the mystery and deliciousness that awaits!

We offer the ability to cancel your subscription any month for any reason.

What’s The Cost?

We don’t just hand out information to any random person! – We need to test you aren’t some international lolly-spy first before we trust you with that information. Click “Get Started” below to find out more.